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Most landlords typically hire seasoned leasing agents who are skilled in negotiating leases that are totally one-sided and slanted in favor of the landlord. It is their job … they do it everyday.

Regardless of the business acumen of the tenant’s senior management team, unless they are in the commercial real estate market on a regular basis, they will be out-maneuvered by the landlord and their leasing agents on the real estate negotiation playing field. WCR's experienced tenant representatives are in the market everyday, and they level the playing field in the tenant’s favor. The WCR team knows:

·         Which landlords are generally cooperative and which are not

·         Whether rental rates are falling, rising or remaining flat

·         How much free rent, if any, is available

·         How much the landlord will contribute to tenant improvements

·         Whether expenses may be capped annually

·         Whether allowances are available for moving

·         Whether your lease rate is susceptible to special taxing districts

·         Whether your base year is negotiable or not

·         And many other current tenant opportunities

WCR's tenant representatives are able to assist tenants in all phases of either a renewal, an expansion or reduction of space, or a complete relocation. The tenant is assured of obtaining the most favorable lease terms possible.

The fiduciary obligation of WCR's tenant representatives is to its client, the tenant, as outlined in a one-page Tenant Representation Agreement cancelable by either party with thirty (30) days prior written notice. WCR represents the tenant’s interest at all times.

Relative to renewal, relocation or expansion space, WCR will look solely to the landlord for its fees, and there will be no charge to tenant for these services.

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